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Website Content Contributions

We’d like you to know that the articles, photographs, discussion forums, and installation tips within the contents of the SIERRA ADV GEAR website are comprised of contributions from a variety of people. Any manufacturer-provided product information is listed only within the sections: Description and Shopping Cart download (which typically includes a brief product description as well as a manufacturer, Additional articles, photographs, discussion forums, and installation tips found within the website but not in either the Description and Shopping Cart sections, allow for an open format for any individual enthusiast to share information relevant to his/her experience with a product. These public contributors are neither motorcycle industry professionals, nor have any affiliation with a product manufacturer. SIERRA ADV GEAR did not solicit input from these individuals or pay them for their opinions expressed on this website. Through providing a platform for personal opinions to be shared, neither SIERRA ADV GEAR nor its product manufacturer-partners endorses or guarantees the correctness, adequacy, or safety of utilizing the information found in the aforementioned sections.

Furthermore, no responsibility or liability is accepted by SIERRA ADV GEAR for incorrect part numbers, torque values, riding tips, or other information presented independently on SIERRAADVGEAR.COM. SIERRA ADV GEAR advises that any information presented should be verified with the product manufacturer or other official or expert sources. Anyone with doubts or concerns about the information within this website is advised to consult an experienced, qualified professional technician.


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